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Rank tracking reporting for reporting and evaluation purposes..

On-page automatic reports for each pair of keyword and coresponding landing page!

Backlink management made easy – designed for evaluating link building efforts.

Web Crawler that helps to identify errors, duplicate titles, h1 tags, meta descriptions and many other potential problems.

And everything autoomated!

Rank Tracking Solution

Our rank tracking solution provides flexibility in all possible ways.

Going with our free plan you will have access to all of our rank tracking features, while opting for a paid subscription will open other interesting features (usefull mainly to agencies and large scale Online Marketing Agencies).

Keyword grouping feature

Project custom rank check frequency

Automatic on-page SEO auditing

In depth reporting + competitor tracking

Application features for ease of use

Besides the User Management System, which allows you to manage agency employees with each allocated project, you can also allow your clients direct read-only access in the Rank Tracking system.

Also, Google Ads integration makes it easy to track the keywords that are converting or generating the best ROI.

Search Console integration will also help in evaluating all your keywords and the landing pages with the best potential.

Complex user management system

Possibility to receive email updates

Import keywords from Google Ads

Search Console integration

A platform for the future

We have also many interesting things on our “to do” list:

Pagespeed Test (Google Lighthouse)

Google Ads reporting for PPC Agencies

Click Fraud Detection System

Uptime Monitor Module

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