On page SEO factors and trends in 2020

On page SEO has always been a little complicated. The trends are changing frequently and it can be tough for specialists to keep up. Check out five factors that can be useful in 2020.

On page SEO – user needs come first

Whether you want to become an SEO specialist or you are already one, you probably already know that this is an area where change is the order of the day. Consumer needs are adapting, so SEO optimization must keep up with them. This year also brings some changes related especially to the new Google algorithm launched in 2019. However, we must not focus on optimization only for this algorithm, but rather the experience that users in general have. Google has the same intention with the new algorithm, so as specialists we have the duty to follow the problems, needs and all aspects related to online travel of users.

SEO trends – the quality of the content makes the difference

It is well known how strong the impact of content is on SEO, from the structure of a site to the internal organization and link building. Thus, in 2020 we do not only need content in large quantities, but its quality also matters a lot. Although Google’s algorithm is not always the most accurate and there is still content that should not rank, but it does, such situations are becoming increasingly rare. Sites must promote the highest quality content possible, which is closely related to its theme. At the same time, this is the year in which we can give up the intense focus on individual keywords because those times are long gone.

The importance of reputation matters just as much for SEO optimization

As expected, in 2020 Google will continue to focus on the reputation of the links that lead to its own page. This is beneficial because sites with a tarnished reputation are less likely to get in the eyes of users. Emphasis is placed on the quality of content and there is a fight against fake news, so that dubious sites are no longer so easy to promote. However, how do you get a good reputation? By frequently updating the content, preferably every two days or less and, of course, it should be relevant and quality. It also values ​​the ability to respond to users’ needs, but also the overall image, user interactions, the complexity of the reviews left. Of course, it matters how niche the products or services offered are and how satisfied the users are overall.

2020 trends – the intuitiveness and design of the sites attract users

Another SEO factor that you can keep in mind si that the design of the sites must be done thinking about the users and putting us in their place. Thus, they must be pleasant, intuitive for the experience from the landing page to the time of leaving the site to be a positive one. In addition, user interaction can take place after remarketing and other types of campaigns. For example, a site that is difficult to load does not find its place on the first positions of Google, being much more difficult to promote.

The latest SEO factor is that mobile traffic drives

Smartphones and tablets have taken over the market, and even a few years ago the traffic totaled by them exceeds that on the desktop. Thus, it is clear that the sites must be adapted for the mobile version in order to be easier for users to navigate. Moreover, another trend is that sites can be built in the first phase for mobile and then adapted for desktop. In 2020, SEO campaigns can be orchestrated around the data collected from users who mainly use mobile devices to browse online, and depending on these, SEO optimization can be more effective.

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