Benefits of using a SEO Software

Why can you get by using our software?

Whether you are a SEO freelancer, a manager in a SEO company, an entrepreneur that wants to check the SEO progress made by a certain Online Marketing Agency, WiseVision AI will provide the necessary reports regarding the performance of SEO campaigns for any kind of project, will trace the evoluton of the rankings, will automatically analise the optimization of the landing pages (the URL that ranks for a specific search query) and will also monitor the competing websites.

SEO tools main features

1. SERP rank tracking
2. Backlink management & monitoring
3. On-page audit tool
4. Crawler simulator with SEO problems detection

WiseVision AI for Business Owners

As a business owner or antrepreneour, it can be really complicated to navigate in the treacherous waters of Search Engine Marketing, as the level of technical knowledge can be too high and the ambiguity of the concepts will definitely create frustration at some point in time.

With our software solution, any antrepreneur or business owner will gain complete control in understanding SEO, monitoring the SEO performance and evaluating the efforts of the SEO company that is in charge with the current search engine optimization campaigns.

Understanding SEO can be tough, but choosing instead to understand the KPIs, how to measure the KPIs and how to evaluate the work of the SEO contractors, will involve less effort and guarantee a better result.

Understanding rank tracking

One of the most important ways of deciding if a SEO strategy is working properly and is moving in the right direction is to constantly track the evolution of the relevant/important search queries in the Google search engine pages – which is a basic feature offered by our tool.

Defining the keywords can be done:
– manually
– by importing them from Search Console (coming soon)
– by importing them from the Google Ads account (coming soon)

The on-page SEO reports

Once you have defined keywords that you want to track and you also have the first report with the position in SERPS, the system wil automatically create an audit for each keyword regarding the best performing corresponding landing page (URL) in order to understand what is the level of optimization for a certain project.

Additionally, the system will also extract Search Volume data for each keyword, so the SEO specialist could do a prioritization of optimizing the keywords with the highest “search volume”.

One important particularity of the On-Page SEO report consists in the fact that the algorythm that is calculating the score is completely customizable, so if any SEO guidelines will be changed by Google or if some elements are going to become more or less important, then the system can be configured in such a way that any particular SEO element will influence more or less the SEO score.

Backlinks management and monitoring

Any SEO strategy will involve both on-page and off-page effort, in order to improve the rankings in the Search Engine. Monitoring the backlinks that the SEO company has been built for your project is an important task, as after months or even years of link building efforts it would be extremely important to know when a backlink has dissapeard in order to understand in what direction should the future link building efforts should be made.

At the same time, if you are constantly purchasing guest blog posts, articoles, press coverage or publish any kind of content that might contain a backlink, it would be extremely important to monitor the presence of those backlinks in order to evaluate for how much time will this effort generate benefits.