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Rank tracking, SEO audits, Backlink management

When you create an account on WiseVision AI, you will have a free forever – limited – freemium unlocked account, with 200 monthly free credits, which can be used for rank tracking, on-page SEO audits, backlinks management, projects crawling or with other SEO related tasks

WiseVision AI consist of a series of scalable and cost effective SEO Tools
Built for big or small companies, with a fixed budget, or willing to pay as you go, our system is the perfect answer for any kind of SEO professionals, especially for growing companies, that need to scale.

WiseVision tools are built for seo specialists, freelancers, agencies and business owners.

Track – Analyze – Improve

Our goal is to create more than a SEO rank tracking tool, but an echosystem which will allow to measure the impact of your SEO efforts, adapting and improving the strategy, in order to achieve the best SEO results.

Powerful User Management System

In online marketing, sharing data with members of the team or with the clients is an essential thing. This is why we developed a flexibel 3-levels User Management System

Flexible pricing model

We adopted the most flexible pricing policy, with free packages dedicated to small startups, while also fully licensing our software solution to partners throughout the word.

For SEO Professionals

WIsevision AI is the perfect rank tracking tool for SEO professionals, as it does more than it promises. Ranking is the first step, but we are also analyzing the best ranking URL automatically, check the back-links and offer many other useful reports.

For business owners

With our software solution, any antrepreneur or business owner will gain complete control in understanding SEO, monitoring the SEO performance and evaluating the efforts of the SEO company that is in charge with the current search engine optimization campaigns.

For SEO Agencies

Each SEO agency – regardless of the size of team or projects – can benefit from using our solution. The user management layer can enable teams to be more productive, while the clients can also have access to the SEO reports if needed. 

For online marketing (SEO) freelancers

Each SEO freelancer needs advanced and affordable reporting tools – which WiseVision offers on a pay as you go. Also, scalability ensures that using our tool can help each specialist to go to the next level and develop a full-fledged SEO agency.

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Rank Tracking

Automatically check the ranking of your projects (with individual settings) in Google SERP and get the best reports at the URL level.

Automatic on-page audits

For each keyword that you have defined in the project, we will automatically discover your best optimized URL and also make an in depth on-page SEO audit.

Backlink management

Monitoring the back-links of your website will ensure your link building efforts are not spend in vain and also show what back-links and link sources provide the best results.

Our clients opinions

We are using WiseVision as a rank tracking reporting solution, but also in order to have a better understanding about our SEO efforts, by having constant automatic on-page audits and for backlink management as well.

– Alex @ Devpro

Starting from 2019 we have used WiseVision AI app in order to manage SEO for all of our projects, which helped in discovering and optimising our website for new and important long-tail keywords. Also, the crawling module proved to be great.

– Adrian @ ArtOnWall

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